Vesicularia reticulata ("Erect Moss") has a growing popularity among aquarists. Its vernacular name already hints at the growth habit of its stems and branches when they are cultivated submersed in a tank: upright. Its emersed form has a creeping habit, though. Like "Christmas moss" (Vesicularia montagnei), V. reticulata is widely distributed in the Asian tropics, where it is found in moist habitats. Under the microscope you can see that the leaves of this plant are ovate to lanceolate with an apiculate long tip.


Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping', commonly known as Weeping Moss, is believed to originate from China and has been distributed by Oriental Aquarium Plants. 'Weeping' is a fleshy, 1-3 cm tall hanging moss with teardrop-like bright green shoots. It is best attached to driftwood or roots, as its drooping growth pattern helps to create depth and contrast in the aquarium. 'Weeping' has low demands, is fast growing and should be pruned frequently with scissors to maintain an attractive shape. 


Christmas Moss is very attractive and popular aquatic plant in the aquarium hobby which is also known as Xmas Moss. It is a creeping moss very widely spread in the tropical Asia including India, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. It grows on shaded wet bank of stream, rivers and creeks and on moist forest soil. It is found mainly emerged condition. It is used in planted aquariums as an ornamental underwater plant. Its popularity is increasing day by day among the aquarium enthusiasts.


This tub includes all 3 of these mosses.

*Due to variations in the species, you might not receive a specimen that looks exactly the same as the photo*

mix moss Tub (Christmas, Weeping, Erect)


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