This plant is currently approx 20 cm in size and grows to 30-40cm in size.

Planting Instructions:
1. Remove the rock wool together with the plant from the net pot
2. Remove the rock wool from the root system, take care not to break or tear the larger roots while doing this
3. Plant the stems using tweezers into the substrate
In a few days, after placing your plants in the aquarium you might notice some of the leaves start to melt and fall away.
This means the transition process has started. Please note the plants might look DEAD, but they are fully alive, so do not panic. After a few days you will notice new growth will appear and the plant will fully change its form into submersed growth. Continuous trimming and fertilization is needed for the plants to thrive in your aquarium. 

*Due to variations in the species, you might not receive a specimen that looks exactly the same as the photo*

Assorted Amazon Swords